Different Methods of Controlling Pests  


First, we are going to see the meaning of the word Pest .     A pest is any living organism either plant or animal that has a harmful effect on people, food, and the people’s conditions of life.      They have organisms in them that transmit and affect the human bodies and their surroundings.         Thus this writing shows various ways in which pest can be controlled in crops.

It is rare for healthy plants to be affected by diseases and therefore the farm should be well protected.     Reduced care given to crops during their growth period, can actually damage them because that is the highest time they are likely to be affected.          Healthy plants have capabilities of resisting pests and diseases, and therefore the farmers should try the best way possible to take good care of their plants.

Natural predators is the other way that can be used keep the pests away from the plants.    Some of the insect killers that farmers use are very dangerous to human people and animals since most of them even reduce the fertility of soil and make water unsafe for plant consumption.


Inter cropping can also act as a perfect way of controlling pests in your farm.       Some pests attack a particular specific type of plant, and when you interchange your vegetables frequently, you are likely to get rid of those pests in your crops. Check this website at www.youngspestcontrol.co.uk to know more!

The following thing that should be considered by many farmers is the existence of basic needs of a plant, which includes sunlight, nutrients, and water.        If these plant needs are not taken care of, they will make the crops unhealthy, and this will attract pests and cause diseases to the plant.      Weather conditions and power equipment like rotary tillers and trimmers can profoundly affect your plants.         Mulching your crops in time can prevent them from being attacked by the trimmers and other weather conditions. For more information, you may also visit http://edition.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/04/09/urban.pests/.

It is also healthy to add a proper amount of fertilizers  to your crop, make sure you just add enough because a lot of nutrients can still harm your plants.      As we have seen above, healthy plants can resist diseases and fertilizers help in making a plant more healthy thus making it be one of the factors that are used to control pests.

Therefore it is advisable to pay much attention to your plants all the time so that you can be able to identify any pest issue in your plants.       When you spend a lot of time I your farm, you can figure out the contributing factor in the pests out break, and pest control manchester will help choose the best method to control the pests.


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