Types of Pest Control


Pest control is something that no homeowner deserves to carry the responsibility on his own. It’s part of home maintenance that you never can afford to ignore, because the moment you do, you’ll see all sorts of pests infesting your home in no time.

Today, pest control is no longer limited to just one approach or method. And even though some of the methods we’re going to discuss below are pretty simple and straightforward, it still is strongly advised that you just let pest control companies handle your pest problem because they’re trained for this kind of job.

1 – Physical

Physical pest control is literally the oldest and most primitive form of dealing with pest. The word “physical” is appropriately coined after farmers in the old days found a way to control rodents and insects wreaking havoc to their crops; and this way was to install or set up physical barriers that prevent the pests from getting unlimited access to their crops. First, thin nets were the solution, but soon after, the same farmers realized glass or plastic sheets were better as covers for the crop beds. Know more facts about pest control at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/453438/pest-control.

2 – Bio Methods

The term implies that instead of using physical barriers, this pest control method will be utilizing living organisms to get rid, control, or kill the population of a particular type of pest. Perhaps the most important advantage of biological pest control is that it doesn’t need chemicals for it to be effective, and historically speaking, it has been proven effective in dealing with not just insect, mice, and mite populations, but also in clearing out weeds and plant diseases.

3 – Electronic Pest Control

But when it comes to smaller oldham pest control coverage like when you’re dealing with roaches, mice, ants, or any pest in your home, electronic devices play a crucial role. As a matter of fact, there are more than a handful of unique electronic devices these days designed to control pests, whether it is to keep them at bay or kill them. Some devices kill insects like mites, while others simply come with electromagnets to disrupt or disorient certain pests like ants, mice, and others.

4 – Special Treatment Options like Insecticides

If in the event your pest problem is no longer tolerable and has become very serious already, the only remaining and feasible solution is hiring a professional pest control company at youngspestcontrol.co.uk and allow them to use chemicals to kill pests. You need to call in pest control experts for the simple reason that they’re the only ones qualified to use chemicals for dealing with pests.

5 – Natural Repellents

The only time you can use natural repellents is when the problem of pest infestation isn’t there yet.


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